Grow your people (and your bottom line)

Meet Harriet, your AI superpower for busy teams

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Harriet makes life easier for employees

and frees up your people team to focus on strategic work

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    Supercharge your productivity

    Less time faffing means more time adding value!

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    Make life less frustrating for employees

    Give everyone in your company a work concierge: the info they need, exactly when (and how) they need it from enterprise chat to Slack and SMS

Unbelievable customer service...but for your team!

Harriet is at your service 24/7, is integrated with your HR systems, trained on company policies and procedures and lives wherever your team already hang out – Slack, GChat, Teams or SMS.

Engage your team
Engage your Team

Meet employees where they are

Employees don't want more platforms! Harriet gets your team the answers they need using the tools they're already using; Slack, Teams, GChat or SMS

Give your employees an amazing experience

Make work-life happier and more productive

Quick responses, seamless automation and accurate information mean your team are supported to do their best work.

Make work-life happier and more productive
Always there for your team
24/7 support

Always there for your team

No matter the timezone or when their shift finishes.

Find out what your team really need

Keep your finger on the pulse

Harriet's intelligent analytics help you build a clearer picture.

Get data and analytics

Disclaimer: Harriet is powered by Large Language Models (LLM). As with all LLMs, there is always a risk of inaccurate responses.

Luckily, we've built guardrails to safeguard truthfulness and accuracy. We also make sure there is a link to the source of the answer. So you can mark Harriet's work if you feel like it.

Get back to growing your people

Find out how Harriet can help

There's always more to know about Harriet

Here's what to expect

  • Privacy-preserving

    Harriet never trains on your data.

  • Always anonymous

    Employees ask questions that they might not want to go to HR with, like bullying or parental leave.

  • Personalised

    Different policies apply to different countries or worksites. Harriet knows who you are and gives you the right answer.

  • Bring silos together

    No more logging in to multiple systems - just ask Harriet to book your holiday or for last month's payslip.

  • Data smart

    Harriet's data helps you understand your business better. Like how many people are asking about your parental leave policy, or their notice period.

  • Close the gaps

    Harriet reads your policies and tell you what's missing. She can help you fix any gaps before they become a problem.