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Meet Harriet: the AI superpower for lean People teams that makes employees' lives easier

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Why Harriet?

Seamlessly integrated with your HR tools and living right in Slack, Harriet delivers instant, accurate info to everyone, freeing up HR leaders to focus on the human touch that matters

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    Save hours of trawling

    We use AI to scan your policies and best practice docs to tell you what you’ve got, what’s missing and what might need updating.

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    Get everything in one place

    We sync your cleaned data and integrate your HRIS and payroll provider. So Harriet can answer questions on anything from payslips and holiday days to maternity leave or OKRs.

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    Be more productive

    With Harriet, your team have the info they need when they need it. Welcome in your happier, more productive workforce, creating more value for customers and your bottom line.

How does Harriet work?

Harriet meets your employees where they hang out - in Slack. She is integrated with you HR systems and trained on your company info; she can pull payslips, book holidays and answer questions on anything from policies to OKR best practice.

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Policy gap analysis

Get your house in order

Before we get Harriet up and running, we scan your policies and best practice docs to tell you what you’ve got, what’s missing and what might need updating.

Available 24/7

No more systems

No need to train your team on multiple systems. Harriet connects to payroll and your HRIS. Your team can do everything they need from slack.

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No more wasted search time

Harriet gives your team all the info they want to know and don't have the headspace to remember, exactly when they need it.

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Always a human at hand

Harriet knows when to bring in the human team. She does the easy admin tasks, so the people team can focus on the interactions that count.

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Disclaimer: Harriet is powered by Large Language Models (LLM). As with all LLMs, there is always a risk of inaccurate responses.

Luckily, we've spent many many hours building multiple interlocking and cross-checking LLMs to safeguard truthfulness and accuracy. We also make sure there is a link to the source of the answer. So you can mark Harriet's work if you feel like it.

Get time back to focus on what counts and let Harriet do the rest.

No commitment, no credit card required.

More about Harriet

Here's what you can expect from Harriet

  • Privacy-preserving

    Harriet never stores your data or uses it for training. The AI brain never sees personal information like names.

  • Anonymous

    Employees feel safe to ask about things they might be worried to ask a human, like maternity leave.

  • Employee specific

    Different policies apply to different employees. Harriet knows where you're asking from and gives the right answer for the right employee.

  • Connect your HRIS and payroll

    No more logging in to multiple systems - just ask Harriet to approve and book your holiday or for last months payslip

  • Data smart

    Harriet gives you data to help you understand your business better. Like how many people are asking about your parental leave policy, or their notice period.

  • Birds eye view

    Harriet can look at your internal docs and tell you what might be missing. She can help you fix the gaps before they become a problem