Meet employees where they are

Employees don't want more platforms. Let them use the tools they have already, just more efficiently.

24/7 availability

Instant support drives productivity

Even a simple question might wait for days over a long weekend. With Harriet, your employees get instant support that solves their problem. Everyone's happier.

Easy deployment

Adoption – as easy as SMS

Harriet supports your employees securely over enterprise chat, WhatsApp, email or SMS. No more forcing users to install a new app.


Problem? Solved. (Personally)

No more generic responses or links to pages of legalese. Harriet knows who you are and can give you an answer to your specific question, piecing together all the facts she has.


Aquí, se hablan todos los idiomas

Regardless of what your organization's primary language is, Harriet can support your team in whatever language they need. Make misunderstandings and communication frustrations a thing of the past.