Bring all your knowledge together

Drowning in drives, wikis, links, HRIS and performance management tools?

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Curation not creation

Bring all your knowledge together in a single platform

Don't spend years agreeing which should be the source of truth: knit together datastores from across your organization with a single intelligent AI thread.


Different people need different answers

Different policies for different states? One set of info for managers and another for everyone else? No problem. Harriet allows you to link knowledge to specific groups. So each team member gets personalised information that's relevant to them.

Systems connection

Connect all your systems

Because Harriet knows who she's talking to, she can make sure that she gives exactly the right answers to each individual on their team. Benefit eligibility requirements? OKRs? Everything at your fingertips.

Harriet likes pictures too

Harriet can read diagrams, slides and images

Harriet doesn't just read written information but can also learn from diagrams, slide decks, org charts and other visual information.