Put onboarding, training and performance on autopilot

Intervene intelligently at crucial points in the employee lifecycle to get the best out of your team

Document automation

Generate contracts and other documents on demand

Harriet plugs into your HRMS to generate documents like contracts, visa support, reference letters and more on demand for both new starters and existing employees.


Standardize processes

Make sure that each new joiner has a personalized plan for getting them up to speed that leverages your best practices, not just a generic checklist that leaves the legwork up to individual managers.


Make 1:1s count

Harriet helps managers and reports engage productively on a regular cadence by making sure that previous meetings are at everyone's fingertips.


Support OKR processes

Constantly behind on performance management cycles? Harriet supports each employee by monitoring goals and achievement, surfacing information and brainstorming future objectives and key results.