• How does Harriet work?

    Harriet is an HR AI that lives in slack. She is powered by LLMs (Large Language Models - like chatGPT) but trained on your company info so she can help you with internal questions and processes.

  • Is my data safe?

    We do not share private information or personal data with the LLMs that power Harriet. We strip out all personal info from your team's comms. It is never stored in our database or sent to the models we use behind the scenes - you won't have your personal data used to train AI.

  • How is this different from chat GPT?

    Chat GPT is open source AI. It pulls information available on the internet and predicts answers to your questions. It is not able to answer anything specific to your organisation. Harriet is trained on your documents, integrated with your systems and knows when you are asking questions from a different geography. So she can tell you things like what your company maternity policy is, how to file expenses (specific to which office you are based in), or book holidays for you.

  • Is Harriet anonymous?

    All your chats with Harriet are anonymised. Harriet will always confirm that you are happy for a question to be escalated to HR, and for your details to be shared.

  • Can Harriet be used globally?

    Absolutely. You can upload multiple policies across geographies. Harriet knows where someone is asking the question from and can tailor the answer.

  • Can Harriet be used with Microsoft Teams?

    We are working on a number of additional integrations. If Teams integration is what you need, give us a call at the link below.

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