Stop flying blind. Fix the problems your team really have.

An intelligent assistant doesn't just support your organization. It supports the People team too with policy analysis and monitoring, management information and insights about what your team is asking about.


Know what your team really needs

Stop guessing what your team really needs to get their job done. Harriet tells you your colleagues need and what's missing.

Policy support

Find and fill gaps in your documents

Harriet's policy insights surface issues with and inconsistencies in your company documents, helping you avoid confusion and regulatory issues.

Regulatory monitoring

Stay ahead of the game

Rather than relying on tedious manual review cycles, Harriet helps keep you updated on regulatory and legal changes that need to be reflected in your policies and processes.

Show ROI

Drive adoption

Harriet keeps you informed about what issues your team raises and how often they still need support from a human. Take out 80%+ of requests in one fell swoop, and get a nice shiny report to prove it to your leadership.