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  • Privacy-preserving

    Harriet never stores your data or uses it for training. The AI brain never sees personal information like names so can't use for training or leak.

  • Instant policy expert

    Harriet reads your company docs and can instantly field questions on anything employees need to know.

  • Employee-specific

    Different policies apply to different employees. Harriet gives the right answer for the right employee.

  • Connect your HRIS

    No more logging in to multiple systems - just ask Harriet to approve and book your holiday

  • Data smart

    Harriet gives you data to help you understand your business better. Like how many people are asking about your parental leave policy, or their notice period.

  • Birds eye view

    Harriet can look at your internal docs and tell you what might be missing. She can help you fix the gaps before they become a problem

Get time back to focus on what counts

and let Harriet do the rest