AI for HR, Is It Really a Thing?


Gone are the days when HR was bogged down by paperwork and manual processes. Enter 2023, and it's all about AI-driven HR automation tools and trends.

In short, YES. It is a thing. AI for HR isn't just a buzzword; it's revolutionising how we manage people


There is a lot of hot air. The technology can be magic. There is no doubt about that. But it can be tricky to build: there are lots of very fancy holding pages and waitlists around, selling a great idea - but nothing you can buy.

Here we break it down for you with a list of AI supercharged HR tech products, from automated HR systems to workflow automation that are available to make your life easier today.

First some quick context: AI in HR over the past year

Last year was a tipping point for HR automation trends. Businesses large and small embraced automated HR systems, not just as a nice-to-have, but as a must-have.

Why? Because AI in HR isn't just about robots taking over; it's about smarter, more efficient processes, freeing up human minds for what they do best – being human.

How the Industry is Embracing AI

The HR industry's attitude towards AI has shifted from cautious curiosity to adoption. Companies are now focusing on hr process automation to streamline their operations and provide a better employee experience. Incumbents have been quick to build AI into their products. Whilst new players have raced to build from scratch using only AI.

Innovative AI HR Products You Can Buy Today:

  1. Harriet HR (AI-Powered Knowledge and compliance tool): Transform your HR with Harriet HR – the AI-powered knowledge and compliance wizard! Designed for dynamic people teams, Harriet dives deep into your policies, clarifying what's in place, pinpointing gaps, and smoothing out contradictions. Seamlessly integrated with your HR tools and living right in Slack, Harriet delivers instant, accurate info to everyone, freeing up HR leaders to focus on the human touch that truly matters. Simplify your HR, amplify your compliance, and elevate your workplace with Harriet HR.
  2. ClickUp: ClickUp is more than just a productivity platform; it's an AI-driven solution for HR professionals. It streamlines tasks like generating job descriptions, creating onboarding materials, and managing employee handbooks. Its AI assistant even adapts communication tones based on the recipient​​.
  3. JuiceBox: JuiceBox utilizes AI for data-informed decision-making in HR. It automates the gathering and analysis of employee records and performance reviews, transforming complex datasets into comprehensible reports that influence HR practices​​.
  4. Workable: A comprehensive suite for recruiters, Workable automates the entire hiring process. It posts vacancies to job sites, finds matching candidate profiles, and reduces biases in recruitment, ensuring a diverse and inclusive hiring process​​.
  5. Zoho Recruit: Zoho Recruit integrates AI into both ATS and CRM features. Its predictive analysis fine-tunes hiring processes by optimizing job postings and automating resume screening, making the recruitment process more efficient​​.
  6. Fetcher: Fetcher is an AI-based talent sourcing tool that automates sourcing and outreach processes. It provides diverse data sets with each run, aiding in tapping into a broad talent pool​​.
  7. TribalBase: Specifically designed for teams using Slack, TribalBase organizes Slack communications into a searchable knowledge base, easing the information overload for HR managers​​.
  8. Effy AI: Effy AI specializes in performance reviews and 360-degree feedback forms. It simplifies the review process, allowing HR professionals to manage reviews efficiently and with less stress​​.

AI in HR is not just a thing; it's the thing. From hr workflow automation to hr automation tools, the options are vast and exciting. Join the AI revolution and watch as your HR department transforms from a traditional function to a futuristic powerhouse.

The future of HR is here, and it's automated, efficient, and AI-mazing. (Too much?)

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