Meet Harriet

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I sold my previous startup Arachnys in 2021 to AML RightSource. Since then I’ve been keeping a fairly low profile – normal exited-founder-existential-crisis-stuff like learning to fly, spending time with the kids and an abortive attempt to learn to rock climb (top tip: warm up properly!).

In the background I’ve been working on several startup projects. I'm sharing one today. Cecily Motley and I are jumping on the #AI bandwagon with an amazing new #HR assistant, Harriet (

Who is Harriet

Harriet lives in Slack and all your team can use her as your first port of call for all their #peopleops needs - e.g. questions about how the company works, payslip requests, holiday booking and more. You can talk to her like a normal person and when she doesn’t know something, she doesn’t make it up, but instead can escalate your request to an HR/IT ticketing system or just the HR team in Slack. She can even answer questions for vendor onboarding, help you brainstorm OKRs or tell you how to claim on your insurance when you leave your laptop on the bus.

Harriet supports businesses with 50-300 employees that are tech-savvy and want to improve their employees' experience, manage costs, and grow with efficient documentation. If this sounds like your company, or if you're just interested, feel free to try her out. Use the referral code AUG2023PRO for two free months of our Pro plan. It's easy to add Harriet to Slack and quickly access your unused internal documents. You can even test it out in a dummy workspace without needing a credit card.

Harriet blog

Many people are interested in the AI revolution. In the coming months, Cecily and I will share what we've learned from working in this area. Many customer calls end up being lessons about avoiding AI errors, interacting with users in a consistent way, and making sure users understand our offerings. Even though AI advances are amazing, there are still lots of challenges. We'll share some helpful tips and tricks. Follow Harriet for updates as we share our experiences in building with LLMs.

Finally, Harriet is (of course!) hiring. Not just for AI experts - our view is that the models themselves are relatively commoditized and we're happy to leave that fight to the platforms - but for user-focused engineers who love the interplay of prompts, tools and code. Drop me or Cecily a message on LI or email [email protected] if you think you'd be a good fit.