Here's why your employees will love Harriet

(And love you for hiring her)


Make life simple for your employees

Save wasted searching time

All the info they need is a Slack message away

Harriet is trained on your internal data; she lives in Slack and can intelligently answer questions in seconds on anything from policies to best practice. It's just like asking a human. Except she's available 24/7 and your employees don't have to feel embarrassed by asking the same question a million times.

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No need to read the small print

Different countries and states have different policies and legislation. Someone needs to know the exact policy for thier office, but doesn't want to trawl the intranet? No problem. Harriet knows where they are asking from and can tailor her answer.

Making life simpler

No need to learn a million systems

Harriet can get payroll and holiday info. A team member needs to pull a payslip for a landlord by tomorrow am? Or wants to know how many holiday days are left before the next call starts in 30 seconds? No problem.

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No need to feel nervous

Harriet is anonymous. Thinking about starting a family? Ask Harriet about your parental policies, so your line manager doesnโ€™t have to be the first to know.

Making HR more human

There's a human for when they need them

Harriet deals with the admin-heavy day-to-day. So your team knows you have time for the more important things, like their next career step.

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Get your new recruits to value

A quick way for new recruits to feel less... new

Harriet surfaces all of the ways your company is different - at the point of need. Want to know "how we run interviews" or "What are the company values and how do I build them into my development session feedback". Just ask Harriet.

Want to see Harriet in action?

We'd be happy to show you.