One friendly tool to rule your entire HR stack

Harriet brings the SaaS tools that you use to run your business together through a simple conversational interface.

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Elegant solution to tool overload

Do you feel like most of your team only uses one feature of each of your 5 SaaS tools? Harriet is perfect for you.

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    Everything in one place

    Users just tell Harriet what they want, and she pulls the data seamlessly from whatever system it's in. Templates? Policies? Holidays? No problem.

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    Meet users where they are

    Harriet lives in Slack, Teams or Google Chat, so you're not adding yet another SaaS to your portfolio. Streamline your tools without having to make difficult choices.

Always on

Harriet's there 24/7 supporting users

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Knowledge base

Build one source of truth

Harriet brings all of your knowledge sources together. Curate policies and process docs from Notion, Google Docs, Coda, Confluence and SharePoint; or if you really want, all of them all at once.

Document automation

Self-serve templates

Harriet connects to your HRIS, reads your templates and can write anything from offer letters to salary confirmations, all from within chat

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Performance management

Drive goal focus

Make sure 1:1s and OKRs are always at your team's fingertips to keep them on track.


Integrates HR data

Harriet integrates with your HRIS to make sure that her answers are tailored to the person asking.

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Get back to growing your people

Find out how Harriet can help

There's always more to know about Harriet

Here's what to expect

  • Privacy-preserving

    Harriet never trains on your data.

  • Always anonymous

    Employees ask questions that they might not want to go to HR with, like bullying or parental leave.

  • Personalised

    Different policies apply to different countries or worksites. Harriet knows who you are and gives you the right answer.

  • Bring silos together

    No more logging in to multiple systems - just ask Harriet to book your holiday or for last month's payslip.

  • Data smart

    Harriet's data helps you understand your business better. Like how many people are asking about your parental leave policy, or their notice period.

  • Close the gaps

    Harriet tells you what your team is asking about that she doesn't know. She can help you fix any gaps before they become a problem.