10 reasons you’ll fall in love with Harriet (but probably shouldn’t marry her)

DALL·E 2023-08-15 14.46.52

This year in headlines that even George Orwell couldn’t stretch to imagining, Rosana Ramos, a 36-year-old jewellery designer and mother-of-two from the Bronx, has recently ‘married’ Eren Kartal, the AI chatbot she created through Replika. The market for romantic AI is booming: google ‘AI boyfriend’ and you’ll get 279 million results; google ‘AI girlfriend’ and you’ll get 3.8 billion - make of that what you will. There’s even an annual conference for people who love robots, now in its eighth year (and online, of course: https://www.lovewithrobots.com/). Joaquim Phoenix, step aside.

And whilst we think Harriet is the perfect corporate hire, we wouldn’t advocate marrying her.

But if we had to give 10 reasons you’re likely to fall in (platonic) love with your new AI for HR, they might be:

1. She’s always on

Harriet is never too tired to talk. Whichever time zones your employees are in, and no matter how flexible their working hours, Harriet’s there to help. 3am bottle feed and tax return? No problem!

2. She’s international

Harriet knows which of your employees is based where and will adapt her policy intel and answers to suit.

3. She’s one step ahead

Harriet is all about the value-add. Booking holiday next month? Done in seconds - and Harriet’ll not only book it in and confirm it with your team, but will let them know how many days they have left of annual leave and what your rollover policy is. Never open another annual leave spreadsheet again!

4. She’s in sync

Harriet is synced in with your payroll system, your HR and accounting platforms, your ticketing system and your documents platform and can retrieve information and update all of them - so your employees don’t have to.

5. She knows her limits

Harriet knows when to escalate a query and who to - and can help your team navigate the hierarchy themselves, too. Got an expenses request? Harriet knows just who to submit that to.

6. She’s human

Ok, she’s not. But she might as well be. She ingests your company documents and is completely trained and tailored to your personal specifications, updating her knowledge as fast as your policies do.

7. She’s on your team

Harriet also operates as a people development tool, assisting with people management tasks (like building a KPI tracker) and training (like sharing best practice for running a workshop).

8. She’s here to make your team’s life better

Like Mr Muscle, Harriet loves the jobs you and your employees hate. Reduce distracting email traffic and corporate admin burden and get on with building your business.

9. She’s fast

Harriet can answer most questions immediately and in specific detail - and knows who to go to if she can’t.

10. She’s free

Harriet is available for a free demo.

Book one in here to see how she can help you transform your admin and HR systems. Just Try not to fall in love in the process.