Instant AI-powered support

Harriet supports your team 24/7 over enterprise chat, SMS and WhatsApp


The future called, and it wants its helpdesk back

Harriet is the first line of defence for great HR teams. Give instant support for 80%+ of requests by allowing employees to self-serve with process, policy, time-off, performance management and more.

Human in the loop

Not just AI

When Harriet can't answer a question, she brings a human into the conversation. Use a native ticketing system to assign and process complex employee requests, or integrate with your existing system.

Harriet Policy Expert Product 5 (1)
Hallucination proof

Trust by default

HR and benefits questions can be high stakes. Harriet cross-checks her answers against your internal documentation to eliminate hallucinations.


Trust and verify

Whenever Harriet answers a question, she tells you where she has obtained her information from. Making it simple for users to double-check for themselves, get further detail, or flag any issue.


Meet your team where they are

You can configure Harriet to support your team over Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and also WhatsApp and SMS. Drive adoption by making sure that even employees with underpowered devices or spotty mobile data can automate everything they need to.


Natively multilingual

Harriet knows the languages your team speaks and can support team members in whatever language they prefer to work in.