Meet the intranet of the future

Harriet helps your entire team find the information and do the admin they need in order to do their job. No more busywork.

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Why Harriet?

  • Connect to existing systems

    Don't bother organizing your policies and procedures, just connect it to Harriet's brain and she'll sort through it and learn from it.

  • Meet employees where they are

    Harriet lives in Slack and is ready and willing 24/7. Where she can't handle something, she routes it to a human. She's every team member's first call.

  • Always up to date

    Because changes in your documents sync with Harriet's brain, people actually believe what she says, unlike in most organizations where practice drifts from documentation.

How does Harriet work?

Harriet is integrated across your stack. She is trained on your company info; she knows who is asking and where from and can tailor answers on anything from policy questions to payslips.

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Policy expert

You write policies, but employees don't read them. Harriet consumes your internal docs and can answer any question employees have with perfect accuracy.

Available 24/7

No more systems

No need to train your team on multiple systems. Harriet connects to payroll and your HRIS. So they can do whatever they need to, just by asking Harriet.

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You're always in the loop

Harriet knows when to bring in the human team and helps escalate employee questions when she can't answer.

What does Harriet do?

Harriet is a secure AI HR specialist trained on your company's information. She lives in Slack and fields day-to-day questions from your team.

  • Privacy-preserving

    Harriet never stores your data or uses it for training. The AI brain never sees personal information like names.

  • Instant Policy expert

    Harriet reads your company docs and can instantly field questions on anything employees need to know.

  • Employee specific

    Different policies apply to different employees. Harriet gives the right answer for the right employee.

  • Connect your HRIS

    No more logging in to multiple systems - just ask Harriet to approve and book your holiday.

  • Data smart

    Harriet gives you data to help you understand your business better. Like how many people are asking about your parental leave policy, or their notice period.

  • Birds eye view

    Harriet can look at your internal docs and tell you what might be missing. She can help you fix the gaps before they become a problem

Let's get Harriet working for you

  • add to slack

    Add Harriet to your Slack workspace.

    It's free to get started. Many workspaces allow any user to add an app; you may need to ask an admin to help.

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    Train her on your company documents

    We provide a slick dashboard for you to manage your policies and procedures - just drag and drop them in.

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    Set up an escalation process

    Harriet knows when something needs the human touch. You can escalate either to a private HR Slack channel or to an external ticketing system.

🎉 That's it. Now, get back to doing the people stuff you love

Get back to what you love

And leave the rest to Harriet. No commitment, no credit card required.